Tree Removal SCA tree is like any other living thing. A young tree will grow, mature, wither and die but thankfully, dedicated arborists ensure tree removal in Walhalla, SC is not an everyday occurrence. Animals and humans need care and attention during their lifetime and so do trees. Certain types of tree live much longer than others, however, throughout their lifetime trees change in size, stature, and shape. A tree service provides an important service and we must not forget there are many different kinds of tree service. Popular jobs done by a reputable tree removal service in Walhalla, SC include pruning, trimming, stump removal, tree removal and felling. Crane services are often needed to remove trees felled by storms. Here is an in-depth look at some of the work done by your local tree service.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Trees must be pruned to ensure they remain healthy; a freshly-pruned tree is quite beautiful. However, pruning is a skilled job that should be done by a professional. Tree pruning and trimming services employ experienced tree surgeons who follow pruning practices as laid down by leading arboriculture organizations including the TCIA and the ISA. Trees should be well-maintained and regularly inspected to ensure they remain safe. A Trained arborist or a qualified climber will examine the tree to conduct an assessment. The arborist will inform you of any rot, splits, cavities or conditions.

When pruning and cleaning trees the tree surgeon will remove diseased limbs and cut away broken or overhanging branches. This makes the tree safe and stops the tree from rotting. Decayed trees inevitably become weak and they are magnets for wood-feeding mites. If needed, the arborist can install steel rods between cracks and splits or place steel cables between leaders and trunks to give support. Trees growing near buildings must be pruned regularly to ensure they don’t obstruct pathways, drives, and satellites. Unpruned trees have the potential to cause mass structural damage.

Pruning or thinning trees aids air circulation, helps the tree to resist the wind, encourages the food production process and enables the sunlight to filter freely. A freshly-trimmed tree is less likely to rot, uproot or become damaged.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree workers use powerful machines to remove major surface roots and tree stumps. In general, stump grinders can access a standard opening into a backyard to remove unsightly stumps and destructive roots. The machine will grind the stump a good twelve to fourteen inches into the ground and enable you to refill the existing hole with soil.

Mulch is created when the stump is ground. Under normal circumstances, the wood mulch is mixed into the topsoil and used to back fill the hole. However, if required, the mulch can be removed; the hole can be filled with fresh topsoil ready to plant seeds, shrubs, bushes or a new tree. A small fee is usually charged for the extra work.

Experienced workers can remove any tree, large or small and the tree surgeons will ensure the tree is felled efficiently and safely. It is not uncommon to fell trees towering over buildings or to remove trees in enclosed areas. Expert tree surgeons will remove dead or diseased trees and hazardous or cracked trees in a safe and efficient manner. Popular equipment used by tree removal experts in Walhalla, SC includes chain saws, bucket trucks, cranes, wood chippers, stump grinders and log loaders.

A tree service is bound by law to remove trees with current safety legislation in mind. The removal team will work with ANSI and OSHA safety protocol at all times. After removing the tree, they will haul the wood or cut the branches into fireplace lengths. The team will then clear the debris, sweep the area and blow away the sawdust.

Emergency Tree Storm Service

Trees are often brought down by storms. A tree across a highway is hazardous and trees that bring down power lines and transformers present a danger. Sometimes the whole tree falls, other times, in extreme weather, large limbs fall across roads and crash through properties. In this case, a 24-hour storm damage tree service will attend the scene. Under certain circumstances, a crane is used to lift the tree to ensure a safe and secure removal. Most homeowners hold an insurance policy, but the small print in these policies is confusing. A reputable tree service will help you process your insurance claim and work with the insurance company on your behalf.

Crane Services

When removing fallen, large or unstable trees it may be necessary to use a crane. Normal tree removal methods cannot be used if a tree has crashed through a roof or blown down over a driveway. Crane professionals are licensed to operate various cranes. A twelve ton truck with mounted rigs and a sixty-foot boom will remove a small to a medium-sized tree but a two hundred ton rig with a hundred and sixty-foot reach is required to remove a big tree. Find the best tree removal in Walhalla, SC, a rapid response service who will act fast in the event of an emergency. People who have an insurance claim can ask the tree service to work directly with the insurers.

Remember, inexperienced or poorly-trained people should never attempt to remove or prune trees. Rigging limbs and using a chainsaw is not for the faint hearted. Call the experts if you have a tree that needs to be pruned, felled or removed.

Hire a Reliable and Reputable Tree Service. Engage a company that employs a highly-trained, experienced team of fully-insured tree specialists. Don’t attempt to prune, trim or fell a tree unless you have experience, let the experts take the strain.